There are DJs who turn up and play tracks, and there are DJs that redefine what a DJ does. That person is D:Fuse; a producer and drummer who has taken DJing and moved it into a new arena where flawless music selection, infectious energy and live drumming seats him in a classification all his own. With more than 14 years on the scene, he has proven to be one of the innovators in a scene known for carbon copies. A true performer who looks past modern flash-in-the-pan trends and searches deeper for the musical thread that ignites the soul. Beyond headlining some of the most respected clubs throughout North America and travelling the planet, in the studio D:Fuse has been tireless- completing and releasing over 125 tracks and remixes in the past 8 years alone and putting his rhythmic stamp on the likes of The Presets, Depeche Mode, U2, and a host of collaborations with some of the industry’s most influential producers. What you hear is what you get. And those who have had the fortune of witnessing D:Fuse live can attest to this. Quite simply, its a juggernaut of rhythm, energy and gracious appreciation that only a life-long love affair with music can create. Welcome to the world of D:Fuse
"For me, it's all about bringing that feeling to the people. Creating a dynamic journey with the music and playing live percussion to intensify the energy is part of that. I want the crowd to know that I'm not just there to play tracks. I'm there with them and feeling all the same things they're experiencing. I’m weaving music and banging the drums. When I'm in the booth or on stage something switches on inside me, and it all builds from there."
“D:FUSE represents what I admire most- he’s worked hard for what he’s achieved, he’s a fantastic DJ and artist, he has a creative mind and he understands the whole vibe.” – Paul Oakenfold


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