How to Bet Like a Pro: Starter Pack for Newbies

For a gambler, losing is a devastating experience. No gambler risks a large amount of stake with an expectation of loss. However, losing is inevitable and may happen when you least expect. Recently, betting has become harder due to the unpredictable nature of matches. Highly rated and experienced teams are unable to win against seemingly weaker teams.

This trend is rampant and has made many gamblers lose their stake to bookies. Interestingly, some websites like BetFirm will help you make odds like a pro. One can beat the bookies whenever placing a bet. Below are tips for newbies on how to bet like a pro.

Don’t Rely on the Outcome of Previous Encounters

sports bettingComprehend the prevailing team dynamics and stop paying attention to past team performance. The outcome of previous matches is misleading. For instance, previous encounters may show that a particular team has been the most dominant over another.

Due to this, one may be in favor of the domineering team only for it to be thrashed at full time. What you should know is that there are a number of dynamics that affect the performance of a team over time. For example, transfers of players, injuries and the relationship between coach and players are factors to consider before betting.

Never Stake More Than You are Willing to Lose

Some people have been reported to have committed suicide after a frustrating loss to the bookies. Do not add up to these statistics! Always set aside a dedicated amount of money for betting.

Psychologically, you will not develop depression related complication even if you lost a bet. This way, you set your mind to embrace whatever outcomes that occur from a bet. Well, never use money meant for your vital bills to bet.

Compare Some Tips

Betting tips websites are now on the rise, and one can make a fortune out of the information they provide. The tips may be differing from site to site. It is a major advantage because one gets the chance to compare the tips and land to the most viable bet. To bet like a pro, analyze and justify each tip before concluding to place a bet.

Trust your Instincts

bettingOften, one may place a bet only for the outcome to be exactly the opposite. Before betting, there may be a certain inner persuasion that whispers to you on the particular team to bet on.

In disregard to your instincts, you place a different bet and end up losing. At times, it is prudent to believe your instincts. Have we not seen teams with almost negligible ability win against strong teams?


Due to increasing competition between sports betting sites, some are luring gamblers with the fact that they will return a certain amount of stake if the bet is lost. Being a pro means you do not lose all your money. It gives you an opportunity to recover part of your money for the next bet.…